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John W Milton, an engineer and attorney with over 20 years experience, has found several companies doing business in West Africa and the Caribbean. An adjunct professor and author of international business courses. Consultant in the tobacco Class Action Suits & to institutions. B.S., MBA, JD, PhD, graduate work in Physics; recipient of numerous awards and citations.





Experience in intellectual property rights, patents & products.


Businesses, Potential Business & Professionals


African Profiles: An extensive overview and examination of 22 African countries: an examination of US/African trade history, demographics, labor force, transportation, natural resources, primary raw materials, communications, entrepreneurial & political cultures; trade laws & treaties: GSP, GATT, WTO, ECOWAS, SACU, their potential impact on future trade.


Why Do Business With Africa: A look at the numbers: 700 million consumers of $99 billion in products (1995); 30 to 35% on investments; world’s most profitable markets for US & international corporations; global competition today & tomorrow.


US/Africa Trade Policies: Present & future trade issues; pending US trade laws: “Africa Growth & Opportunity Act”, HR 434 and “Hope For Africa Act”, HR 772, their potential impact on future trade relations and global commerce; a historic prospective.


Getting Into The Trade/Investment Games: Planning and preparation: making the decision to go global, making the African ground connections, strategic alliances, joint venture partners, identifying potential markets, analyzing & overcoming markets barriers, export transactions and the nuts & bolts of transporting abroad; when you need risk insurance & where to find it.


Financial Resources For Trade With Africa: National & International sources; where to look.





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