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John W Milton, an engineer and attorney with over 20 years experience, has found several companies doing business in West Africa and the Caribbean. An adjunct professor and author of international business courses. Consultant in the tobacco Class Action Suits & to institutions. B.S., MBA, JD, PhD, graduate work in Physics; recipient of numerous awards and citations.





Experience in intellectual property rights, patents & products.


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* Caribbean Profile: An overview of selected countries: Bahamas, Barbados, Tobago, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and the Dominican Republic; their demographics; major centers of commerce and industry, infrastructures, and availability of skill labor.


* Future Growth Sectors: An annual investment of $70 billion over ten years will be needed to gain and maintain global market competitiveness: energy, transportation and telecommunication; increased ocean freight to meet global demand; and the new wave of privatization & joint ventures.


Regional, International Trading Blocks & Agreements: The Caribbean Basin Initiative (parity) verses NAFTA, The North America Free Trade Agreement, WTO, CARIBCAN, The

Lom’e Convention; and their impact on future trade and economic growth.


The Changing Game Of Finance: Private sector/government joint venture finance, capital markets; the pros & cons of offshore banking; the international/global players: IMF, Bank Of America, the Royal Bank Of Canada, EXIM Bank, Overseas Private Investment Corp., and their growing influence in global finance. Exchange rate as deal killers; forwards and options.


The Going Global Decision: The pros & cons; staking out hedges against competition and as defense maneuvers; diversification; mergers and acquisitions; niche positioning for a big payday. Tariff wars & the WTO; pitfall in US Customs and how to avoid them.


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