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Fighting Back The Smoke That Blinds You  





John W. Milton, an engineer and attorney with over 20 years experience in product - induced chronic diseases. Consultant in the nationwide and states tobacco class action suites, universities and community organizations. Served on County Juvenile Court Advisory Committee. Adjunct Professor, juvenile delinquency criminal law.





BS, MBA, JD, PhD; recipient of numerous awards and citations.


Attendees: Anyone With Smoke In Their Lives:

Health Care Professionals,  Teachers,  Parents & Youth.


Nicotine & Youth: A gateway drug to lifelong suffering, premature deaths, $360 Billion annual health care costs, retardation of physical and mental growth, delinquency & crime.


Adult’s Dying Examples - (500,000 Annually): Programmers of new generations of smoking victims; what went wrong?


You Need not “Be In That Number”: Identifying biopsychosocial profiles of pre-disposed, youthful smoking victims; deprogramming the “victim” life style.


Fighting Back With Tobacco Money

          * States $200 + billion Settlement: $25,000,000 annual National Public Education Fund for prevention, training, smoking cessation; billions more for research and testing of new drugs; how to access and used these hinds; the politics and more.


          *  The Rolling Stones Of Citizen’s Class Action Law Suits: An overview; how to join or start one in your state: compensatory  nicotine-induced chronic diseases, medical and related proofs - the roads to victory are not paved in stone.


          *   The New Wave of Individual Law Suits: A winning hand; an overview and projections.



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